Monday 21 April 2014

Many people want to extend their Android device’s battery life, but they don’t know many tips and hints concerning energy saving. In this article I will try to tell you about the most accessible methods for battery life economy.

So, the first and the main reason of great expense of battery is screen brightness. As a rule, modern screens like IPS and Amoled have good reserve of brightness, even if you put the slider of brightness adjustment half below.

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Android Device How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Android Device

It is better not to put max brightness on your device if you don’t use it often in sunny weather, because indoors and in cloudy weather your screen will be readable at 50% of highlight and there will be no additional load for eyes. Then it is important to add that owners of the Amoled screens can save the energy by putting solid black colored background on the desktop, because such way this matrix type almost doesn’t  consume the energy.

The second reason is constantly on 3G networks. They give a chance to use internet with high speed and use video calls. But if you don’t use mobile internet, just off this option and replace 3G nets by 2G or GSM. If you can’t imagine your life without mobile internet possibly switch over your device in the GSM mode after finish using Internet, because even in hibernation mode 3G networks use energy.

The third reason. Look at notice line on Android. Check that Bluetooth, Wi-Fi search and GPS-receiver are disabled if you don’t need them. Many users, especially those who don’t understand smart phones well, don’t pay attention to this trifle, but in vain, because disconnection of those interfaces can help to extend your battery life for 10%.

The fourth reason. Switch on and adjust the battery saving mode which is available on every Android device. As a rule every concrete device has its own separate points which can be present or absent on other devices. With the help of them you can raise the autonomy of your device. Acquaint yourself with them and choose the points, which you need. For example, switch off animation, screen auto turn, color reinforcement and other points.

Things I hate about Android

The fifth reason is running background apps. In spite of your closing the active app, it can remain in the device’s memory and use the energy. It is important to close every app by hand.

The sixth reason. Enter “Settings” of your device and launch the point “Apps” and choose the inlay “Running”. There you will see many system background processes, which shouldn’t be closed in order not to do harm to your phone or pad. But besides them it is possible to find the processes of the installed apps. The switching them off won’t do harm to your device, but will help to extend the battery life. And the last point. Switch off live wallpapers, if you can live without them. Of course they look great, but they use a great part of the battery.

Thereby, we look through the main methods for extending the Android device’s battery life, which are clear and accessible to every user.

About the author: Sarah Hall likes to be involved in creative work. Her range of interests is not limited to such topics as SEO, marketing and business. Sarah likes to discuss interesting topics with intelligent people at Google+|

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Posted by: Himanshu Goel


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