Friday 15 August 2014

Happy Independence Day…!

Hello Friends, Feeling good after being back online for you in the Family of and getting Better Health (was physically challenged).

Lumbar Spine Pain

Yes, I was feeling a huge pain in my back and legs and later it was discovered that I was injured while playing (unfortunately with no warm ups). I got serious complications in my Spine and tried many treatments and blood tests but was not resulted with relief…

I was really lucky that I found a person who directed me towards Ceragem, where I found the best relief and results for my problem and thus able to write once again which I love the most Now-a-days…

Ceragem Master V3 Treatment

Ceragem is a South Korean Company which is treating (Natural Therapy works on 5 Major Principals) around the world with its presence in more than 75 countries and making life healthier and easier.

In INDIA, we are lucky that we do have such a service and in their Demo centers they are free to use and many poor people who cannot purchase such a thing visits to the demo center and takes Regular Therapy for free and gets better physical health.

Note: In INDIA, currently there are more than 650 Ceragem Centers where you can go and get your self a better Physical Health. Moreover, this Ceragem Bed works on your Spinal Cord which is really connected to all the Organs of the Body and by working on your Spinal Cord this machine effects and helps making all your Organs in a better condition and fully functional.

will soon share more info about the same but for now gotta rest for sometime as currently continuous working is still not recommended to me. I promise, soon I would be sharing some more great & unique information once again like before…


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Posted by: Himanshu Goel


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