Thursday 22 May 2014

Without doubt the apps offered by Android have been making life easier and fun loving for the common man. However, who could guess that Android apps could make life easier for the Business People too. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Android apps that have made business life easier:

Documents to Go Android App

1. Documents to Go: The application functions exactly as the name suggests. You can check your documents on the move i.e. you do not need to worry even if you are not carrying your laptop or have forgotten it. Download this application from the Google Play Store on your Android phone and check all your important documents on the go.

The app allows you to work on your MS Office, both PowerPoint and Word in the 2007 version. Apart from this you can check your PDF files also on the application. The app is priced at $ 30 on the store.

2. Bump: The app is free on the Google Play store and apart from the Android phones it works on the iPhone as well. The app is simple to use, it allows you to bump two phones together to share your contacts and address.

Finally, the days are gone when you had to carry whole lots of business cards and numbers in a diary along with you when you were on a trip. Sharing contacts has become a lot easier, Just bump your phone with the person you want to share the information with.

3. AK Notepad: Another amazing application on the Google Play Store that is absolutely free of cost is AK Notepad. No need to carry the jotter and pen with you anymore. You can send notes with this app to another app like Evernote and to your mails if you so need them.

Also, set reminders on the app whenever you need to be reminded about the note you took. If the note is very important to you, you can stick a note on the home screen too.

CamCard Android App

4. CamCard: Another wonder app that allows you to save your business cards in a cool way. Just click the picture of the card and the app automatically saves it in a special folder for the cards. Browse the information easily wherever you want to access the card. Just in case if you incidentally delete the app, the information can be restored.

5. Call Reminder Notes: You can create notes and assign it to the contact. Now when you call the person the notes will be displayed on your screen, so that you do not forget the important matter you wanted to communicate.

So here are some of the newest android apps for Business Owners and a must have if you are a Keen Entrepreneur.

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Posted by: Himanshu Goel


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