Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hey Bloggers! Google+ is a part of Google Services which is a great Social Network. Many People doesn’t uses it but whether you likes or not, this is a fact that almost everyone uses a Google Mail services known as Gmail. Along with your Gmail Account you are associated and connected to many other Google Services which requires just one click authentication to get them activated such as YouTube,Google+,Google Drive,Google Maps etc…

So, coming to the topic of Increasing your Traffic via Google+ whether you think Google+ is success or a failure as comparing to Facebook and other Social Services.

Why shall we consider and think about Google+

As cleared above that almost everyone uses Google+ and therefore all users are available on Google Network and gets a notification even when they are on their Gmail until or unless they have DE-activated their Google+ Profile…

Secondly, if you are using Google Authorship for your blogs or sites then, there are also more chances of getting Google+ profile links on Google Search Results via which many people may likes to connect to you… (so don’t miss it…)

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How & What are the Benefits of doing so…?

First thing is that whether you get a huge response or lower than expectation, it doesn’t matters as your result will always be positive and will make you some or more benefits…

According to the Data Source provider if you have lesser time to spend on Google+ then you can go with following:

  • Authorship – by following these steps, you can add an image next to your search listings.

  • Videos – by sharing videos related to your business, you can roughly get 28.6% more engagement.

  • Ask questions – you will get more comments if you ask engaging questions. These questions could be related to your business, the industry your are in or anything else that your friends might like.

  • Post on Friday – there are a lot of people on Google+ on Fridays from 11 am to 2 pm.

With the following above said methods you can get more visitors traffic with lesser time spending and managing your Blogs better than always…

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