Sunday 5 January 2014

So Friends! another addition to Android Apps for Android users is all new BBM Beta version. Recently, Blackberry has updated the Blackberry Messenger to Blackberry Messenger Beta version for Android users which brings BBM Voice and BBM Channels to Android App along with.

Blackberry Messenger

Recent History of Blackberry Messenger

BBM voice was released last year for Blackberry Devices which was powered with voice calling feature to call your friends directly from your Chat Screen. Basically, BBM Voice was released for users to make long distance free calls using internet services and joining communications with BBM Community. The good thing was BBM Voice bought faster and better sharing of photos.

Important features of BBM Beta 2 for Android

Faster, easier sharing of photos files

Increased group sizes in BBM Groups

New ways to Find Friends on BBM

Lots of New Emoticons

Note: Acc. to this article BlackBerry already promised that both the BBM Voice and BBM Channels would be available for BBM for Android and iOS in 2014. The BlackBerry Beta is only available for a closed community from

Well, It is still not clear that when these new features of BBM beta for Android Version will be added on the Google Play and the IOS app.

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Posted by: Himanshu Goyal


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